Chhattisgarh CM Said Scheduled castes will get reservation as per population proportion

Scheduled Castes (SCs) in Chhattisgarh will be provided reservation in proportion to their population in the state, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said here on Sunday.

Mr. Baghel made this announcement at a programme to mark the death anniversary of Minimata, the first woman MP from Chhattisgarh.

The quota for SCs was reduced from 16% to 12% in 2012 when the BJP was in power.

SCs, who make up around 12.8% of population in the state, are presently getting 12% reservation. There is a demand to raise the quota percentage.

“Scheduled Castes will be provided reservation in proportion to their population in the state,” Mr. Baghel said.

He also said all possible assistances will be extended to develop Giraudhpuri Dham, the birthplace of Satnam Panth promotor Baba Guru Ghasidas. A majority of the SCs in Chattisgarh follow the Satnami sect, founded by Baba Guru Ghasidas.

On the occasion, the chief minister also gave assurance to include the demand of setting up 11 ashrams for girls in the memory of Minimata, in the next budget.

Remembering the contribution of Minimata, Mr. Baghel said the works of social welfare, which were started by Baba Guru Ghasidas for upliftment of weaker sections of the society, were given legal acknowledgement in Parliament, due to efforts of the late MP and the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

“As an MP, she was instrumental in the formation of Untouchability (Offences) Act. Minimata devoted her entire life to the society. She became the voice of every community in Parliament and made rigorous efforts to ensure justice,” the CM said.


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